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    At the start of every year, retailers are always competing with media-heavy price campaigns. The pandemic has further intensified the battle for attention in 2021. Our task was to get innovative and creative – and to realize the opportunities offered by new digital technologies in a targeted way, in a cross-media price campaign for Kaufland.


    The kick-off of the 360° campaign became our campaign spot to the national anthem “King of Kaufland”. We crowned the average Kaufland customer into kings and queens by producing a catchy poem to Rio Reiser’s song “König von Deutschland” (King of Germany), pointing out the best quality, huge selection and low prices of Kaufland. In an interactive AR experience, users could slip into the role of the king themselves (LINK to the effect). This way, the young target group immediately became part of the campaign and strengthened its visibility through user-generated content.

    But when King Knossi claimed his rightful title on Instagram, the cross-platform fairy tale took a new turn. The entertainer and former late-night host has long been familiar to the social media world as “King of the Internet”. Together with Kaufland, we set a social challenge for the throne that would decide everything: Knossi had to generate 75,000 likes for our “King of Kaufland” clip in just 24 hours with the help of his community.

    And he did it. In no time at all – with more than 14 million views and over 90,000 interactions, our spot became the most successful YouTube advertising video in the 2021 long-format category.

    And Knossi? The Internet King was officially crowned “King of Kaufland” in an impressive Web AR experience, which included a contest on millions of Kaufland brochures, and caused a stir in various commercials and on social media. And so, the country that celebrated the average citizen like a king, became the first country that, at the request of the people, found its rightful representative on social media. And if the gates to Kaufland are still open, King Knossi still reigns and celebrates today