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    La Roche Posay – Anthelios


    La Roche Posay combines science and innovation in skin care and rightfully takes it’s place as the no 1 brand worldwide to be recommended by dermatologists.

    This unique context and combination expresses itself through a visual language that aims for clarity and purity. The sensation of clean and refreshed skin is the essence of the brand that we aimed to visually reflect on in our DOOH campaign.Through a campaign extension, new assets for DOOH are to be created within a very short time.



    Inspired by free-flowing thermal waters and smooth serums, we create soft, fluid movements and glossy textures that stand out against a cool, pale blue background.

    At the same time, both the products and the logo are strongly in focus at all times, so that even in a brief moment of passing by, the message can be grasped by viewers at any time.

    Within only two weeks we succeeded in creating a 3D-DOOH asset around the Life-Changer-products of La Roche Posay and brought real eye-catcher to the streets, which will remain in the passer-by’s memory and contribute significantly to the brand awareness.

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